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Here we love wood burning cook stoves. They are true multi function appliance that form the heart of any household they grace.

If you want to relive days gone by, look to wood burning cook stoves to heat your home and fill your belly. Although it may seem unexpected cooks who have used wood burning cook stoves swear the electric or gas varieties pale in comparison. Whether you are building your brand new dream home or renovating a historic masterpiece, consider adding a cook stove to the mix that serves the duel purpose of heating in addition to cooking. Just like in those “happy olden days,” your family and friends are sure to gather around a cook stove to warm hands, hearts, and souls.

Wood burning cook stove is just that—a stove that is powered by wood instead of another fuel. In the past, all stoves were wood powered, but today’s modern stoves are usually fueled by electricity, or fossil fules like natural gas, or propane (also known as liquefied petroleum or LP gas). Think of your grandparents, great-grandparents, or great-great-grandparents preparing their meals and feeding their families on wood burning cook stoves. Installing a stove that burns wood instead of another fuel is a great way to provide a bit of history, individuality, and charm to your home.

Cooking on a wood burning cook stove is a pure talent. Knowing when to add wood and when to stoke the fire will slowly come to the novice cook, and your wood burning stove will become just as reliable as any other gas or electric model. Most stoves come with at least one oven large enough for Dutch ovens, casseroles, or roasters, and the other smaller for bread or cake pans. In addition to the baking space, many stoves come with at least two burners on top and usually each burner is given a specific task. For example, one burner may be designated as a simmer burner, where the other will boil even the largest of stock pots. Some stoves allow the cook to control the amount of heat that gets to each burner, so that the cook can decide whether the burner needs to boil, slow-boil, or simmer. Each burner is covered with a raised cover complete with handle to prevent scorching or burns when the stove is not being used for cooking.

There are many reasons to install wood burning cook stoves into modern dwellings. Some individuals choose to practice a simpler form of life for personal or religious reasons. Others choose to embrace the look, feel, or heritage of their home and install authentic appliances that are as functional as they are beautiful. Still others choose to use wood burning stoves to experience the way things were in days gone past. Whether this is your main method of cooking or a supplement for those special recipes passed down by the wood stove cooks in your family, choosing a wood stove is a great choice.

In addition to providing a great cooking and baking surface, wood cook stoves provide something extra—heat. Traditional stoves and ovens are not designed to heat the outer spaces, but the wood burning models can keep any room toasty and warm. In addition to saving on your energy bills from the cooking aspect, installing a stove that burns wood will save you some of your hard earned cash on the heating side of the house. Keep a fire going to warm your home and family on those chilly winter nights. Many individuals who choose to install a wood cook stove do so in a main room in their home so that the entire family can enjoy the warmth and beauty the stove provides.

This years SLM Greenleaf Award for the Best Wood Fired Cook Stove went to

The Ironheart Wood Burning Cook Stove

The ‘Ironheart’ cooking stove is a hybrid product, it is a cooker that burns logs beautifully and a stove that cooks to perfection.

Cooking only - Model EW

Essentially the cooking stove makes the most of the two things ESSE does best. An inspired combination of a superb log burning stove and traditional, cast iron range cooker.

And therein lies its charm and appeal… it is equally at home as a stove or as a range cooker.

The firebox has been specificially designed to burn 500mm logs, length ways, which it does in spectacular fashion, providing a splendid view of the flames through a large rectangular glass fire door. As the heat source for the oven and hotplates it has to be highly controllable, which it is, thanks to simple but effective primary and secondary air flow controls, the secondary control providing an airwash which keeps the door glass clear.

The Ironheart can burn multi-fuel and/or wood but for improved woodburning performance, a simple to fit conversion kit is available that will improve control and efficiency when burning logs. The kit comprises of a steel box that replaces the standard grate and ashpan creating a deeper firebox with no grate. This enables more logs to be loaded and provides a flat base for an ash bed to develop which is essential when burning wood.

We do not recommend that the Ironheart is used as a primary cooking appliance as it is also a stove designed to radiate much more heat (8kW plus) than our range cookers.

Cooking and domestic hotwater – Model EWB

The EWB is equipped with a boiler and is capable of running a single radiator as well as providing domestic hot water.


Unique satin steel hotplate covers
Our classic hotplate covers have been finished in stunning textured satin or polished stainless steel to complement the graphite finished surfaces.

Classic ESSE 'dog-bone' hotplates
The trademark dog-bone hotplates offer a large hob area with designated heat zones for easy 'pan slide' operation.

Simple and effective airwash control
This conveniently located slide operation control keeps the door glass clear.

Oven temperature control
A simple slide action lever enables a surprising degree of oven temperature control making cooking a pleasure.

High capacity glass fronted firebox
Designed to take 500mm logs the firebox does not require constant refuelling and provides a spectacular view of the flames.

Single large oven
Offering authentic ESSE range cooking this large oven has vented extraction so cooking odours disappear up the flue.

Easy and convenient ash removal
The generous ashpan can be easily accessed via the protective door and removed using a special tool.

Easy access to flue ways
Occasional cleaning of the flue ways is easy thanks to a removable access panel hidden behind a hinged door below the oven.

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